Pyongyang: 90sTrolley bus breaks down-NorthKorea 北朝鮮の90年代 バスの故障(平壌の世界142)

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◆Aramaki Projectの20年に渡る映像で証明される北朝鮮の理論が遂に書籍に!!
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In the late 1990s, North Korea was still in a critical state due to the collapse of the Cold War. Even in Pyongyang, there was a limit to the amount of gasoline supplied, and the car was hardly running. The Torori Bus was one of the few means of transportation for citizens, but it was an old-fashioned old bus that broke down frequently and the citizens had to move on foot. Moreover, the difference is clear when compared with the modern city where there was no color and the impression that it had withered in the city.

*It ’s a colorful picture of the city*


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