Pyongyang: Old-fashioned taxi -NorthKorea 北朝鮮 消えた旧式タクシー(平壌の世界135)

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◆Aramaki Projectの20年に渡る映像で証明される北朝鮮の理論が遂に書籍に!!
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In North Korea, the number of taxis increased sharply after 2015. In Pyongyang, more than 10 taxi companies are open and many colorful taxis are running around the city. Until around 2015, it was a simple one with a taxi sign on an ordinary Wagen car. And they still operate in Pyongyang. However, old-style taxis, such as Volvos, which used to run long ago, have completely disappeared from the city of Pyongyang. I was present at the last moment of a nostalgic old Pyongyang taxi !!


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