Pyongyang: Amusement park at night-NorthKorea 北朝鮮 夜の遊園地で遊ぶ人民(平壌の世界098)

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In Pyongyang, many entertainment facilities were built during the Kim Jong-un era. One of them is an amusement park. There are two new representative amusement parks in the center of Pyongyang. One is in front of the “Arc de Triomphe”, and the other is this” Mandala people’s amusement park”. It is open from 10 am to 10 am


1)Pyongyang: City people-North Korea 北朝鮮で生活する人々

2)Pyongyang:Young people’s park-North Korea 北朝鮮 若者たちの公園

3)Pyongyang: Burger shop-North Korea 北朝鮮 夜のバーガー店

4)Pyongyang: Boy meets Girl-North Korea 北朝鮮 恋が生まれる瞬間

5)Pyongyang: Riverside walk-North Korea 北朝鮮 河岸の散歩

6)Peculiar Pyongyang – North Korea (DPRK) 4k -Time lapse -Tilt- shift

7)One of the best Dept Store in Pyongyang – North Korea

8)INSIDE NORTH KOREA – JUNE 2018 (Surreal experience)