Pyongyang: Commuting to work in the morning bus-NorthKorea 北朝鮮 朝のバス通勤と通学(平壌の世界082)


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The daily life of the North Korean people. The morning commute and attending school in Pyongyang. In the morning and evening, a special 2-storey bus is operated.


1)Pyongyang: City people-North Korea 北朝鮮で生活する人々

2)Pyongyang:Young people’s park-North Korea 北朝鮮 若者たちの公園

3)Pyongyang: Burger shop-North Korea 北朝鮮 夜のバーガー店

4)Pyongyang: Boy meets Girl-North Korea 北朝鮮 恋が生まれる瞬間

5)Pyongyang: Riverside walk-North Korea 北朝鮮 河岸の散歩

6)Peculiar Pyongyang – North Korea (DPRK) 4k -Time lapse -Tilt- shift

7)One of the best Dept Store in Pyongyang – North Korea

8)INSIDE NORTH KOREA – JUNE 2018 (Surreal experience)