Pyongyang*old: Kim Il Sung’s death 10 years2004-North Korea 北朝鮮の昔 金日成死去10年忌 04年7月8日(平壌の世界022)


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 Video of July 8, 2004. Kim Il Sung, who was the first leader of North Korea, died in July 1994, and a 10-year death was held in Pyongyang. The era was handed down to his son Kim Jong Il, but the existence of Kim Il Sung remained in the North Korean society so far. However, by completing the legal requirements of this ten-year demarcation, North Korea will enter the era of full-scale Kim Jong Il.
Document the day that turns point. At 12 o’clock in the day, a siren of 3 minutes ringed throughout the country, and a silent prayer by the people was offered. It is precious moment that becomes the turning point of North Korea.