WORLDNEWS [北朝鮮より悪質]加害罪及び隠蔽位大阪弁の加害者、佐世保市天満町天満荘で松田直也氏は1人にも言っていない上音量も大きくしていた上壁が崩壊している上崩壊している所も遠い原因でも


[Misery] More than ever, Mr. Naoya Matsuda’s current and future as well as the related catchwalk and one stick became one more than basic Mr. Naoya Matsuda intermittently also around 11:41 on November 26, 2018, around 30 years ago, both publicly and intermittently openly openly openly, openly sometimes collectively and solicitously Even near Tensanso in Sasebo Temmachi Innocently, intermittently, openly openly, openly, occasionally collectively or solicitously Mr. Naoya Matsuda reported that ignoring bullying from around 30 years and reporting to the Supreme Court of a foreign country for several decades even if there is evidence Mr. Naoya Matsuda who was also reporting to the Supreme Court of foreign countries for several decades ago, ignoring bullying bribery and also ignoring bullying about around 30 years is infringed President who disregarded bullying also ranked as a vicious place of seniority Sasebo Tensan Temmisso Place where harm was exaggerated by dislike of the United States November 25, 2018 November 25 from around 27 minutes around November 24 around 16:47 Near the village in the same village Tenmososu same city Again still preparatory crimes and violent crime ranking more vicious than North Korea Japan’s Yakuza and Japanese Yakuza punishment for sexual assault and preliminary crime of disease and provisional sins for disaster preparedness [More worse than North Korea] Even now, taking taxes from tax evasion and tax evasion and taxes from foreigners, a few years ago a staff member of a victim of abusing mass murder of foreigners and attempted global mass pollution forced murder incarceration crime and climate of world environmental pollution crime Yamaguchi-gum perpetrator Japan is more vicious than North Korea
Prepunishment and violation of crime Punishment of Japanese yakuza and Japanese yakuza hit by foreigners more vicious than North Korea and preliminary crime and preliminary sins for preparing for kidnapping and crime prejudice [Aggravation from North Korea] Tax evasion and taking taxes from foreigners, for several years ago enforcement threat recruitment mandatory disease misdemeaning attempted mass murder of foreigners and clerk of FamilyMart of a perpetrator of the world environmental pollution crime victims of Japan Yamaguchi association Japan is more vicious than North Korea
[More worse than North Korea] Worldnews Zulqarnainhaider, WORLDNEWS, WORLDBANK enemy ranking hostile taxation and tax evasion and taking taxes from foreigners, forced threat invasion forced compulsion disease for several years ago, attempted mass murder of foreigners and world environmental pollution crime Of the perpetrator FamilyMart’s clerk Yamaguchi association Japan is more vicious than North Korea for the Matsuda family, even the foreigners were beaten by the bad guys Yamaguchi-gumi, every year from year to year, ignoring bullying, being treated as weak, being bullied from the time of elementary school 5-6 years, even being kidnapped by kindergartens At the time of upper middle school students, even in their twenties, both in the workplace and on the road other than the workplace were harassed from age high, which was not allowed by the world, even in the vicinity of Sato Temmachi Temmachi in Sasebo City Temmachoso in Sasebo also harassed and bullying Even now, even in the case of the Sasebo municipal police and Sasebo municipal officials, they also suffer compulsion threat recruitment and victimization harassment on the crime sick position, including disagreement, counterintuition, associations other than agreement and counter-intention, hate lesbian Aggression, counterintuition, aggression and other pertinent violation of the other party November 19, 2018

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2018/08/30 · 来年2019年10月から消費税率が引き上げられ、軽減税率制度がスタートしますので、そのセミナの企画など情報発信を … 今週は、1年に何回も行うように、幅広いコアアルゴリズムのアップデートをリリースしました。

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