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It ranked prominently in the crime prevention video On July 17th, 2018 July 17th around 20:01 to July 17th 20:43 ago In Sasebo City, we also visited American stores in the US and the SDF in the US directly After having passed a police car at 17:00 on July 17, 2018 and said that Mr. Naoya Matsuda dislikes harassment, face, personality and slenderness and said that it is noisy or a weirdo and said 277 articles of sin to Nagasaki Sasa Prefecture Kita Matsuura gun and Sasayo City, the perpetrators and Asahi Defense Office, Very Best and Japan Supreme Court, TV, media related persons and perpetrators of Japan have not committed or hidden can not do more than ever July 17, 2018 20: 43 minutes ago
The position in the crime prevention videoCollectively also disgusted and disliked persons who say or dislike personality, face, slender, or the like who said that they dislike personality, face and slenderness, and the perpetrators of victims Sasaki cho Kitamatsura gun, Prime Minister Koizumi and his relatives of Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and then Sasebo Nagasaki The perpetrator who was in the shi Elena Aioi shop and the relatives of the perpetrator and the perpetrator who was in the Sasebo City Nagasaki shi retreat store at that time and the clerk of the perpetrator Don Quijote

Even collectively, both harmlessly and concealedly, as far as the police are going to be about to prepare, collectively and internationally confrontation threateningly threateningly obstructing the execution of public affairs and erasing and killing and infringing American history And collapse is also more than the basics Collectively and threateningly both tax evasion and collective also from around 9:22 on July 2018 July 22 also around Nagasaki Prefecture Sasebo Temma near Temmoso Nagasaki Prefecture Sasa The perpetrators of the town of the town ranking of noisy, dislike, dislike, nature, face or slender saying that they dislike personality or face or slender saying Susano City Temmacho in Temmacho Temmisos, Mr. Naoya Matsuda preparing for intellectual property infringement as well as collective preparation In addition to permanent and permanent infringement of privacy and attempted blindness as well as attempts to destroy and eradicate intelligence collectively and intentionally as well as intentionally and negligently,

The victims of assailants who said they disgusted or disliked personality, face and slenderness The perpetrators of Susancho Kitamatsura County Sasa Town and Prime Minister Koizumi Prefecture and relatives of Prime Minister Koizumi in Nagasaki Prefecture and the perpetrators at the Elena Aioi store in Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture At that time relatives of perpetrators and relatives of perpetrators and stewards of perpetrators and don Quijote of the perpetrators occasionally went to Sasebo, Nagasaki prefecture,

The position in the crime prevention video Sometimes both collective and preparatory, intellectual property infringement preparation crime and even now even if we are still making a request even now we are preparing for an increase in embezzlement and preparations for increasing evasion and fraudulent claims and felony charges and noises And dislike, dislike personality, face and slender things. WHITE HOUSE Infringement and Treaty Infringement Position Japan has been abandoned and placed in the basement more than the basic position Born for American killing and orders above Mr. Naoya Matsuda who was born to make the crime increase crime collectively also in Temmachos Temmacho in Sasebo City preliminary to tax evasion and embezzlement and population around 12:00 on July 14, 2018 It is said that it is said that it is said that it is said that it is said that it dislikes disgusting preparation crime and collective recruitment crime and compulsion preparation crime and forced complicity and also annoying or dislike or personality, face,

I threatened Mr. Naoya Matsuda for a while and hid and destroyed the power hara in the Sansui City Temmacho near July 13, 2018 and the perpetrators who were laughing at times and sometimes also collectively and preemptively From charges of sexual assault and perpetrators and around 20:11 on July 13, 2018 near Elena Aoyama shop in Sasebo Nagasaki prefecture and then Nagasaki prefecture, near FamilyMart near Sasebo-shi Elena Aioi shop, Mr. Naoya Matsuda has been saying that even at the site and at the place of origin from 1 minute before and about 33 years ago that he said dislikeFrom collective concealment preparation sin and collective embezzlement preparedness and intellectual property infringement and from around 22:28 on July 13, 2018 also from now on also preparatory intellectual property infringement preparation crime and now and now and now also Even if we are making a request, we are preparing for an increase in embezzlement a